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    Apr 12, 2009
    guys i need your input.
    I have recently developed a security system for my personal use where i am using a microcontroler to turn on the siren when there has been a violation with the sensors.
    I want to improve it. i would like the sytem to contact me when i am not around. i have heard about the use of Zarlink IC but i dont know much about it. Does it have a way where you just program your number and then it will automatically dial you for emergency.

    anyone who can help me to implement this. Either the system will buzz me or send a text message.
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    Ummm beenthere, you linked to AACs eBook page on rectifiers. :eek:

    Come to think of it.

    I remember a thread here about someone who wanted to set up alarms on a dog kennels cage doors.

    If any of the doors opened, a linked cell phone would text him the cage number.

    Could this be an option?
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    Got the correct link in place.