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    Jan 9, 2012

    I am no engineer but I do have a concept that I am pursuing which begs the question:

    Is it possible to have a master device which connects to only a particular type of slave devices? Its a little difficult for me to explain but by example this is what I mean:

    Lets say that a cell phone brand-say Apple- came up with some technology that they wish to be exclusive to their iPhone device, this iPhone for whatever reason would need to have the capability of linking with various master devices in varying locations where any owner of an iPhone would have the capability of linking to these master devices. The master devices therefore, would need to be programmed to only recognize and be compatible with iPhone devices.

    I know that WIFI works similar to this, automatically synching with a device once the WEP key has been programmed from master to slave but is there a way that a specified group of devices could immediately be recognized to synch with a master without having to provide a special code to be synched? Perhaps a microchip type that would immediately be recognized upon entering the range of the master? I ask this because my product must be exclusive technology that could not simply be taken advantage of by today's average smart phone.

    Any advice with this matter would be greatly appreciated:)
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    I'm not claiming special knowledge, but I see no reason why it can't be so. However, you limit the remote device flexibility quite a bit. If it never leaves the home no big deal, but what if you want to get on the internet at McDonald's?
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    You could identify a certain manufacturer by the MAC address, but that is very easy to spoof. You could use a digital signature to verify that the connecting device is genuine, but then again if you can get access to the code being executed by the device, you can copy it, unless you´re using a secure crypto-chip to do the ciphering.
    Read something on asymetric cryptography and signatures and decide how far you want to go to make it work the way you want:)

    I am not entirely sure how the wifi connection process works, but instead of using a modified wifi protocol you would usually implement this on the higher layer and refuse to communicate and deauth devices that don´t know the code.