Section 1, Chapter 8, Verse 3 Clarification

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    Hey AAC. My first post, and, as cliche as it is by now, I LOVE THIS SITE. After searching on and off for an site to teach someone who knows nothing about electronics for a long time, I finally have found AAC and its better than Krispy Kreme doughnuts after a strenous workout routing. (LAME.)

    Anyways, I was really stuck on the "Null Detector" section, not understanding how the null detector work. I literally looked at it for 3 days before finally understanding that the current exiting the first resister would be travelling towards the second resister AS WELL AS towards the positive end of the Null Detector. If you guys would add something along those lines to the text, I think it would save a lot of people who, like me, don't move along until they FULLY understand something from giving up.

    So really, more of a suggestion, not a correction. Still, awesome site. The world is no longer the same since I started on AAC!