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    Sep 1, 2009

    I have my amp working and it sounds fine. I would like to add a second stage on the preamp. I am using a MPSA06. I noticed in multisim that I have reached some type of limit:confused: on the MPSAO6 for voltage gain of 10.....I have tried everything I can think off to get more output without getting crazy with the THD. Right now I am at 8%. I considered raising the VCC but I have some technical issues that prevent it right, the second stage is what I would like to do or raise the MPS gain.....any ideas?

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    I converted your schematic to .png format.

    Please simply post your attachments as .png files, as they are small and load quickly. .doc files require extra software and longer loading times.
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    The amplifier is too simple. Its gain is low and its distortion is high.

    Most power amplifiers have darlington transistors or Sziklai transistors at the outputs so that the driver transistor can have a higher impedance load which allows it to have high gain. The gain is also increased with a differential pair of transistors at the input with a current source for their emitters. Gain can be increased more when current sources or current mirrors replace collector resistors. Then the negative feedback will reduce the distortion to 0.05% or less and the amplifier will still have plenty of gain.
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    Sep 1, 2009
    What would you recommend I read up on, current mirrors or darlingtons first?

    Just wondering what I should start with and then insert into multisim....Thanks!