Search function not working?

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Joined Apr 18, 2010
Hi all,
Is it just me, or is the search function broken? All I get is a blank page returned.

I am trying to search on something similar to:

high current pwm voltage


Joined Mar 24, 2008
There are different aspects to search. When ever I use it I go for advanced, it tends to be a bit more reliable.

I tried it using the simple function, it does indeed seem broken.


Joined Jan 18, 2008
Still works for me with the four items. Are you separating them with commas? If I didn't use commas with the four, then I got a blank page. I tried a couple of other four-item searches with commas, and had no problems.

In fact, it seems any search for two or more terms must be separated by commas.



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Nope, I didn't. I don't think it is a requirement either. The screen is white and not changing, no text, which in my book means broken.

Only reason I haven't seen it is I always click advanced search.


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I rebuilt the search index in an attempt to fix this error - but I'm assuming it's just the fact that vB search is far from perfect. A search for a combination of popular keywords like "high current pwm voltage" may just overrun the search. When in doubt, use the search bar at the top - it's powered by Google.