SD card programming

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Hello All,
Very interesting forum and cheers to all members who are making this happen...
I'm a novice at this and wanted some material on SD card programming..

The ultimate goal is to device a SD card radio for which I'm working on the RF and the micro-processor parts but not so familiar with the programming part of the SD interface...

Any and all help is appreciated..



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SD protocol is not an open protocol. Although the legality of making a device that can access the SD card by using SD protocol without a proper licence is questionable, parts of the protocol itself can be obtained from internet. Except probably for the encryption feature.

Luckily, all SD cards support the SPI mode (from MMC card standard), which doesn't require a licence. I suggest you work with SPI mode if the speed limitation suits your requirement.

Have a look at the mechanical/electrical connection and the SPI/MMC or SD protocol description from manufacturers of the cards. I know that Sandisk have one on their website, just have a look or search.