SD card interface

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    Where I can find sd card specs: kingston 4gb. sd4/4gb.

    How to interface it. Its by SPI interface , i know but its memory map, how to access particular address & store data on it & retrieve data back from same address.
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    Feb 12, 2009
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    You can buy SD card modules that use SPI as a com method.

    If you look up 'Arduino SD Shield' you will find loads of stuff including complete schematics and description of uP interface techniques.

    Arduino is an open source project, hardware and software, which makes it a good place to start.

    You might start here, video tutorials for Arduino but equally pertinent for any uP

    There is a link to a schematic which appears to be essentially a 3.3v reg and a few resistive dividers.

    You can buy pre assembled modules, SPI ready with on-board power for a couple of pounds on Fleebay.

    Hope this helps
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    all SD cards use the SPI method of communication, you do not need a "shield", just any microcontroller that has built in SPI or use a bitbang method of reading/writing data to card...

    even something like this works just fine :)