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I am doing a 21’’ high sculpture of a scientist holding an instrument with a “DNA chip”. This is art- not science and the "DNA chip" is a stylized representation. the "instrument" would be the size of a business card or less with small not too bright colored diodes centered in about a 1.5” space in a grid formation. Most of them will be yellow with red and colors randomly flashing. Any electronics would be hidden in the base of the figure with battery. I am guessing that I would have a square of 12 or 16 diodes with all yellow and 3 flashing red.

Radio Shack supplied me with resistors, a plastic box, flashing and unflashing diodes and general advice. The yellow diodes are 2.1 volt (20 mA) and I guess should be attached to the 22-0hm (0.5 watt) resistors. The flashing red resistors are 5 volt and I guess are coupled with the 330 Ohm (o.5 watt) resistors.

Do you think that you can sketch out the circuit diagram that I would need for a series of parallel circuits coming from a battery with a switch and ending with the diodes?

My doctorate is in physical-organic chemistry but my last physics course was nearly 40 years ago. I am not seven sure that I am capable of assembling this small device. Is it even feasible? Please try not to snow me with jargon. I forgot most of what I studied.

Any help would be appreciated!

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