SCR inverter HELP

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just got my 1946 jacobs 120vdc 2kw wingen up. 20 yrs ago i powered
my house in gloucester ma now it's going good down here in the caribbean the batterys are happy.
my question is about my basket case (took all apart as it was built on a wood wall and i did notmake a drawing :[ )6kw 120vdc/120vac scr
inverter. besides it's large input choke & massive transformer it has a turn off SCR conected to 2 small transformers through hv/diodes whos primarys connects to the 2 main SCR's through 2 big caps 25mfd@350v oil also a 25 across main SCR's i think i got it wrong someware
this inverter works sometimes but blows a lot of fuses and diodes smoke and flames yikes!!
does anyone have a diagram of such a beasty thing all i can find combine those 2 transformers into 1.
trigger board homeade too(but a later topic)