SCR application in relay replacement

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    Ref: Your Chap % section on electro-mechanical relays & SCR equivalents.
    Well I find the explanations close to the limit of what I can absorb.
    I note the frequent assertion (here & elsewhere) that "digital relays" (IE scr's) are inherently better having no moving parts, & no contact sparking.
    It's usually claimed that they are inherently lower cost.
    But recently my deep freeze switching relay burned out due to contact carbonisation. It looked about 5$ value but I was amazed to learn a replacement was not available. (Chinese product !!). Anyway I was offered an 80$ digital replacement.
    Not likely I just made a good job of cleaning up the old relay, used epoxy to fill the burned housing & its all go. Can't say I expect many more years but it made me wonder why a general purpose conventional relay was not offered.
    Having read the material here on SCR's I am no nearer understanding how I could use one, or a pair, to replace the relay I repaired.
    Explanations of function are worthless if the reader cannot then employ the knowledge made available. Sure I am not the brightest on this subject, but it seemed to me this did warrant an "applications" addition to the existing material.
    Anyone choose to help?
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