Scored! :)

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Hi Guys,
I came home with this today:

I'm in Australia, and a long time hobby electronics retailer, is going to high end items only.
I made an offer for this and got it real cheap.
It's not just the towers, but also stocked with the store's semiconductors
(LEDs, 7 seg displays, Pics, Xtals, transistors, etc.

So a lot of hobbyists should rightfully hate me I think ;)


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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous. :)


But sorry to hear about the store. :( We have none around here so I know how people might feel.

But you don't need to worry for a while. :)

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Yes, you're right. I got another one that says "Transistors".
If I get another unit (this one is two units) I will also get "Capacitors" and "Resistors".
The signs can be removed if I want... I don't think I'll remove the "IC's" ones because of the grammar ;)


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Lol yeah, remove the sticker if you want. Just funny to see the pros can't get basic grammar right.

Good find though, i wish i had something to store my components in....


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Hello Art,

That is a nice tower of parts.
Hope you will have a lot of benefit of it.

I just have "saved" a lot of parts that where about to be "thrown away".



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It could be an evil in disguise. :D

Every time you want to build a project, you would wonder if you have already got some of the parts. Unless you remember everything inside each drawer, you then have to check the drawers to see if the wanted part is already there so you can skip them in the purchase order.

Believe me, no matter how well your stock is, there would be at least one or two component which you don't happen to have around and have to order.

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I am normally stocked up pretty good for a hobbyist.
I don't think this changes anything except I have a lot of parts I don't normally use,
but could put to use ;)

CDS cells for example. I know what they are, but haven't used one in a project since I was a kid.
There are also 1 Watt LEDs in 3 colours, and novelty jumbo LEDs that come in 10 or 20 mm!

Since I've put my own stuff in there I've figured out I'm going to have to print some labels of my own.

It's possible I might get another unit to add to this tower yet.
This one is two units high, but they can be three.