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I am currently working on a small scoreboard to keep score (0-21) for 2 teams. So far, I have setup a PIC16f627a with 1 dual 7-segment led display running off a 9V battery. This keeps track of the score for 1 team only and counts up 99 then goes back to 0 via a pushbutton switch. I attached a schematic of what I have setup so far.

I am new to programming microcontroller and I have been tackling this project one step at a time. I am learning as I go along. I think I got the basic programming aspects down. I just have a few questions concerning what I would like to incorporate in my project.

My current setup is to have the display and pushbuttons all on the same board. However, I would like to have the led display on its own board seperate from the pushbuttons. So, I can mount the scoreboard display on the wall and then have a hand-held device with the buttons to increase the score. What type of transmitter/receiver would I need to use for so the PIC knows that the button has been pushed and it need to increase the count?

Also, right now, while I am testing things out, I am just using a .8" CA 7-segment display ( The display was very dim. I decreased the resistor values, but it still wasn't bright enough. So, I connected the common anode pins to the 9V supply from the battery, instead of the 5V output from the voltage regulator. Was I okay in doing this? Once I get everything working as I like, I want to switch to 2.3" digits ( which will also need more current then I will probably be able to get from the 5V supply. The ones I got are CC, so I don't think I can utilize connection to the higher 9V supply.

My basic questions are:
1. What I do need to incorporate a wireless connection from a pushbutton to the PIC?

2. How to increase the output voltage on the PIC pins to drive the larger 2.3" digits?

My setup right now is similar to the attachment. The led display is the .8' CA display linked above. And the collectors of the transistors are tied to the 9V battery supply, instead of to 5V.