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    for the scope freaks among us.
    attached is the article

    Twelve Things You Didn't Know a Scope Could Do
    The newer versions of this essential engineering tool can do more than you may realize
    By Randy White,
    Technical Marketing Manager,
    Serial Applications,
    Tektronix, Inc. [​IMG]

    Courtesy of Planet Analog
    (03/15/2010 6:00 AM EDT) [​IMG]
    Oscilloscopes are indispensable tools for anyone designing, manufacturing, or repairing electronic equipment. In today's fast-paced world, engineers need the best tools available to solve their measurement challenges quickly and accurately. As the eyes of the engineer, oscilloscopes are the key to meeting today's demanding measurement challenges.

    Modern digital oscilloscopes come packed with time-saving features like deep memory and a host of analysis tools to simply high speed digital design challenges. This article, presented in pdf form (no registration required), explains twelve oscilloscope capabilities that you may not have known existed.

    To read the article, click <A href="">here.

    About the author
    Randy White is the serial applications technical marketing manager at Tektronix, Inc. Randy has worked with various aspects of test and measurement solutions at Tektronix over the past few years. He has given seminars on high-speed serial measurements and is actively involved in many working groups for high-speed serial standards. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.
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    Well, it's nice to see how the rich half (quarter, eighth, ...) lives. :p That paper discusses techniques that are much beyond the capabilities of any scope I have or could afford to buy. No doubt if I was still working in industry, I'd have access to better test equipment, but I must make do with my stone axes...