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    Apr 17, 2009
    Hey guys im doing a school project and need your help on the electronics side. I just dont get any of it [​IMG]

    Basically, i'm making a plane which tilts left and right (to emulate air flight). The circuit will drive a motor, which turns some gears, which then pulls down a hook. There are two of these mechanisms on both sides. this is what i need help with:

    1. The switch is pressed
    2. motor spins for 1. - left wing moves down
    3. motor spins for 2. - left wing moves up, right wing moves down
    4. this is repeared until button is stopped
    5. there is a 5 second time difference between the movements

    I have no idea how I could go about doing this. I need to use these components:

    555 astable timer
    pulley hook thing

    Im using the normal components such as resistors etc etc

    Here is a pic of what im trying to do:

    do i neeed to start the plane on a tilt?
    Any help will b appreicated so much, basically i need help making the circuit diagram! Thanks all!!
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    I'm going to move this to homework help. The motion is easier if you simply pivot the fuselage. One motor can pull or push against a spring or weight, making your project easier to construct.