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    Switch debouncing

    Slide 9 in this presentation:

    We can see that there is an upper threshold and a lower threshold.

    How many thresholds does a digital software low pass filter use?
    a) none
    b) one
    c) two
    d) multiple, depending on the application.

    I'm not really sure. A threshold just means "when you go above this level do this" or "when you go below this level do that". Couldn't we use none and just say 0 do this, top value reached do that.
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    Oct 10, 2011
    slide 9 shows graph with 2 thresholds
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    Oct 2, 2009
    If software is sampling an analog voltage (0 to 5V) wired to an ADC input, then you can program multiple thresholds or hysteresis, i.e. If V(in) > 3.25V Then X else Y.

    If the switch is wired to a logic port, then by definition, the signal is already a One or Zero, so all you do is "low-pass filtering" in the time domain... i.e. how long was it a One before it became a Zero, etc.
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