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    Feb 26, 2010

    I no nothing (or less than nothing). However, I did know enough to buy an XR2206 ic and a breadboard and finally - a bunch of solderless wires.

    The fellow who sold me the XR2206 also sent along a "schematic" for the creation of a basic Function Generator.

    I called my local electronics parts store and they said "send us a list of the components and we'll send them to you - we don't take them off of schematics.

    I've attached the schematic the fellow sent me. Could some one help me create a list of the components I need to purchase? This I am struggling with!

    TAD Higginson
    Ottawa, Canada
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    Since you know less than nothing about electronics then you should have purchased a kit that has all parts and a pcb.

    What will you use the function generator for? It will not drive a speaker.