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Fellow tekkies,

I have a Brother Scanner, Fax, Photocopier, Printer Model MFC-240C. I have tried to scan schematics to assist in my replies but the size of the scan files exceed, or nearly exceed the upload size. My only submitted file so far lacked much detail because after I made several copies only one, that lacked detail, was able to be small enough to upload.

The operator's manual has no way to get lessened resolution when scanning

Is there a freebie jpg editor that can reduce the resolution of the original jpg scan file to reduce the file size?

Or is there another solution?



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There are several things you can do with the Brother.

Firstly use greyscale for a schematic. This automatically makes much smaller files.

Secondly use Gif files, again you will get a size reduction.

Thirdly keep the scan resolution down, I normally use 100dpi.

Fourthly crop the image - you can do this in the scanner.

go well