sawtooth waveforms

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    May 7, 2005
    hey people:

    im turning to you for help. im a non EE major and im praying that someone out there can help me!

    i have a SAWTOOTH waveform that increases linearly from 0 to A (some amplitude) along a time interval of t=0 to t=T, and then drops straight down to 0 @ t=T. then again it increases linearly to A along t=T to t=2T, and drops straight down to 0 @ t=2T...and this continues on for each time interval (3T, 4T...etc.)

    i am having trouble writing its euqtion in terms of ramp and shifted step functions. i was wondering if ANYBODY could shed some light here. i know that the summation of [sin(nt)]/n] is an infinite equation...but i cannot come up w/ tht ramp and step functions.