SAW Resonator 330MHz

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    Aug 7, 2013
    Dear Friends,

    I have few questions need to ask. I am using SAW resonator, 330MHz, with PCB design antenna.

    Below is the schematic diagram:


    With the same circuit, I have tested with 315MHz and 330MHz.

    Below are components used for 315MHz:
    L1=22nH, C1=3pF, C2=15pF, R1=100R, RF bypass=100pF, R3=0R, R1=3K9, transistor=2SC4226.

    Then I used a RF receiver tester, the 7-segments display kept on showing the frequency within the range 314.5MHZ~315MHz, for non-stop.

    After that I switch the saw frequency to 330MHz, below are components value for 330MHz:
    L1=22nH, C1=2pF, C2=8.1pF, RF bypass=100pF, R3=0R, R1=3K9, transistor=2SC4226.

    When I used a RF receiver tester, the frequency did not shows 330MHz and display has no response when I kept on pressing transmit button.

    So my question is what are the component values for L1, C1 and C2 if I would like to transmit 330MHz signal?

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    Oct 10, 2011
    did your signal at modulation input include DC component? you need something to bias transistor... try 2-3Vdc. what are Vcc and R2?