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I have been volunteering at Muttville in San Francisco, a senior dog rescue organization. This is a wonderful rescue group that rescues and places older dogs. So many older dogs are euthanized at shelters because most adopters want a puppy or a young dog. Dogs over the age of 7 have very poor chances of finding a home. Their welcome at the shelter runs out quickly and they are needlessly euthanized.

Muttville came into existence 5 years ago, taking only dogs over the age of 7 and finding homes for them. They have volunteers who travel all over the state to rescue senior dog whose time at the shelter has run out. In the 5 years they have been around, over 1400 dogs have come through the Muttville shelter.

Because we do not have any city or government affiliation, we operate strictly on private donations and grants. This brings me to my request..... Muttville is competing in a national competition to win some grant $$.

Could I ask you to log onto the Muttville San Francisco site and vote for us--by Sept 19th???? This grant money will allow us to pay the rent and vet bills so that other senior dogs can find a new home.

Just go to the Muttville site and it has instructions on how to vote: it's free.