SATA backplane

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    Jul 29, 2010
    I was working on on old storage network system i got. most of it's 10 yrs old, and terrible density per GB like 2TB for a 80lb rack box of 15 HDD. One box was newer though and had 6TB worth of HDD, but the system has a control box (think like a server of sorts) that won't work. without the control unit the entire system trash, and fixing/replacing don't make since.

    I had the idea pull the board from the sata unit locate the data lines, solder on a cable or plug from a bad HDD. Then make a JBOD, and link to PC with Esata sata cable. I found at least with what i have that's not possible. Googling i get vague answers that say sata backplane seems to be 1 HDD slot per cable.

    I find the last part odd because i've worked with SCSI backplanes in the past and all it basically was is board with in/out ports and a bunch of traces making up the cable linking the ports. (also had some stuff for termination if you desired enabling that.)

    Is sata actually that different that every HDD needs a port and cable to a controler? I sort of see why maybe because SATA don't do I.Ds like SCSI.

    The board i pulled has only a few filter caps on it, and lots of traces. The little adapter board in the drive holder has a few small chips though. I'm guessing a backplane would need something like this in another setup.

    Chip i believe i would need to use but in another setup is maxim vsc7173xyi