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    The correct way to implement a STOP pushbutton is to : (i) hardwire it onto a Normally Closed contact and (ii) Program it as a Normally Open contact.
    If it's implemented as you've shown ie. hardwired to a Normally Open contact and programmed as a (NOT) normally Closed, then it's unsafe because if a cable becomes detached from the Stop Pushbutton there will be no indication on the ladder logic.It will only become apparent when the stop pushbutton is pressed (possibly as an emergency) and nothing happens.
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    Indeed, stop buttons must be normally closed, so a break in the wiring close to it will cause the machine to stop, instead of not allowing it to stop when the button is pressed.
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    To what diagram are you refering? If I search on "stop button" I find this image:

    And the next two following images in volume 4, Chapter 6

    These (3) images seem to have the "stop button" as a nornally closed contact. as you say it should be. Am I on the the wrong image? Am I missing something? If there is a safety issue in LIEC we would like to correct it.
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