Safety Capacitor Question

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Okay so I have a treadmill which the motor is not working on. I think it may be a problem with the safety capacitor. Anyways, I think the safety capacitor is the problem because there is 235 volts ac entering the circuit board. Next on the negative lead is the safety capactior. I think this is it:
The next components up from the safety capacitor is four diodes for bridge rectification. Here I am only getting 3.7 volts dc.
Would this mean the safety capacitor is the problem. All of the diodes have been tested and deemed working.
Does this mean the safety capacitor is the problem.


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This answer is based on an incomplete picture of your circuit. If you can post a schematic, even if a photographed pencil sketch, it will help.

Probably not. The safety capacitor is in shunt with the input voltage and it is designed to clear any shorts it might develop.

Can you post a schematic?