s-video and RCA component ?

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I am wondering if anybody knows if this will work.

Converting RCA component to s-video
Would it just be as easy as connecting the Pr and Pb together on the chromatic pin of the s-video.
And then connecting the Y to the luma on the s-video???

The only problem that I see is maybe the sync info would be in the wrong place...

I have converted s-video to rca composite before just connecting the 2 pins (luma , chroma ) on the s-video together and the 2 grounds together works perfect... Now I am wondering about takeing RCA component back down to S-video.... I would think this would be the same thing in difficulty as taking s-video to rca composite

Seems rca component is just splitting what the s-video chroma pin has on it into 2 plugs Pr , Pb.... If this is correct and the sync info is where it should be after combineding the Pr , Pb ...Then this should be the total conversion back down to s-video (unless ofcourse the Y signal in rca component is different then the luma signal on the s-video pin cann't see this being much different because I plugged the rca composite yellow plug into the rca component green (Y plug) and got a good black and white picture minus a few flickers here and their probably from sync issues )
And I already know that the luma signal on the rca composite is the same as the luma pin on the s-video so it stands to reason that the luma (Y green phono plug) is going to have the same luma signal for the luma as did the s-video and composite rca....

But correct me if I am wrong

Thanks for any help
I guess what I am trying to figure out is other then sync is the chroma signal in the s-video pin any different then the sum of the chroma signals in the component rca? because in the composite and s-video the chroma signal is the same... so it stands to reason it is the same for the composite just R+B -Y
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