RSLogix 500

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I'm taking a class on PLC's and we are working with this equipment; Allen Bradley & RSLogix 500

SLC 5/05 1747-L551 in slot 0

1746-IB16, DC sink , 16 I/O, input in slot 1

1746-IV16, DC source, 16 I/O, input in slot 2

1746-OB16, DC source, 16 I/O, output in slot 3

slot 4 is blank

1746-IA8, 115 AC, 8 I/O, input in slot 5

1746-OW8, output relay, 8 I/O, in slot 6
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Creating the solution to your projects is based in a 'hands on' environment. You need to know how to create a project, go online, upload, basic ladder logic, etc. This isn't something you learn, without actually doing it.

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Here is one of our assignments;
I'm not sure what to ask at this time guys. I need to gain some understanding of the field components which is what you are doing. If you have anything that can help me out i'd appreciate it. Just what ever, maybe ideas from some programs you have seen. Here's what the first assignment in completed form looks like.



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The truth table looks better with the most recent revision. As for an opinion on whether your answer meets the requirements of you instructor, I'll have to pass on that one. You must know him better than we do. I hate to say yes and have you get busted for overlooking some detail.