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    Sep 4, 2009
    :confused:Hello i am an electrical engineer with limited network knowledge. We have a machine in our factory with a cracked HMI screen. The panel is obsolete but we have found an upgrade which has came with its software disc and USB comms lead. The problem is getting the program out of the old screen, it only has a RS232 port. We have no info on the screen and all my previous programming has involved using the comms cable that came with the PLC or HMI.
    How do i know what cable to use?
    If i buy a fully populated cable will this cover all options or can it cause problems if not all connections are needed?
    Are all the cables the same so as long as it says RS232 it will be o.k.

    Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    Fully populated is a good way to start.. And will most likely work. There are some propriatary cables that are not "straight-through". meaning pin 1 on one end may end up wired to pin 7 on the other.

    That would be odd. There should be no problems using a fully populated cable.