Rotor reactance induction motor

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    Jan 5, 2013

    I'm stuck with my homework. Hope one of you can help me.

    A star-connected, three-phase, 230 V, 200 Hz, 10 kW induction motor is used and rotates with a mechanical speed of 1100 rpm at rated power and frequency. The phase current is 36.5 A. The friction torque, TFW, is equal to 2 Nm (independent of the speed). The following parameters of the induction motor are given: R2' = 0.2 Ω, X1 = 0.55 Ω. The core losses are 100 W. At rated condition the motor has an efficiency of 86 %.

    I managed to compute the stator resistance (R1 = 0.09 Ω) and the rotor current (I2' = 39.4 A) but how do I calculate the rotor reactance, X2'?

    The standard procedure is to calculate the parameters with a no load and blocked rotor test but I don't have these values.

    Thans in advance.