Rotax Engine wiring and voltage regulator

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I have a used Rotax 582 65 Hp engine off a snowmobile. I suspect the engine is off a Ski Doo about 1998.
My problem is that the ignition and charging components came loose and now unsure how to wire up correctly.

Cable plugs from the flywheel alternator connect to 4"x2.5" electronic ignition module (Denso) that is then wired to the ignition coil and that all looks OK.
This leaves 2 yellow wires with spade connectors that I assume are 12v AC?
There is also a single black/white wire with a plastic plug on the end that may be either a tachometer signal line or for an engine cutout S/W?
I also have an aluminium box 1.5" square with just 2 wires (one yellow, one black) embedded in black resin that could be a smoothing capacitor or perhaps a voltage regulator?
Hunted through numerous wiring diagrams but not much luck.
I hope to fit a battery and electric start, so a voltage regulator will be required assuming the above box is not one?
Grateful for any suggestions.