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hi, this is my first post so go easy on me ...

im trying to source a rocker switch however i am struggling greatly.

i am currently refurbishing a commercial espresso/coffee machine. there are 3 rocker switches that all need renewing.

the type of switch is a rocker switch, on - off - on ;
on : momentary
on : latching

the switch dispenses coffee, so the idea is pressing up dispenses until you let go ( so you can fill as much as you need) and pressing down so you can leave it to fill and switch it back to neutral/off when its at a desired level.

I cant seem to find a switch like this anywhere so any help would be really helpful. I need a 16amp 230v with a cutout of ~ 22mm x 30mm

many many thanks for any replies


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Have a look in here:
R1701C2NBB for SPDT (On)-Off-On, 22x30mm, 16A,250VAC (UL/CSA)
R2701C2NBB for DPDT (On)-Off-On, 22x30mm, 16A,250VAC (UL/CSA)
From here:
I tried their stock locator, but it couldn't find any.
Neither Mouser nor Digikey have any in stock, and they're the only distributors that have a hit in - so, try getting in touch with APEM Components, LLC and see how you might get ahold of some of them.

I had a similar kind of problem with my Krupps coffeemaker/expresso machine; couldn't find Krupp replacement switches anywhere. One of my local suppliers had a larger rocker switch and I removed some material from the housing to make it fit.

You might consider replacing the rocker switches with bat-handle switches of the same type - or if you can find 22x30mm rockers with the right function, use them to drive relays instead of switching the power directly. It's much easier to find relays than switches.

You really should put your location in your profile. If we don't know where you are, it's hard to suggest suppliers.

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Under "Location", fill in your Country and province or state; or just your Country.
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