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I have to make a robotic arm which can pick small blocks and fix this arm on a robotic vehicle... need some help in mechanical design of arm...........


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For what or why do you need to make this robotic arm? Do you have the robotic vehicle already? Is a commerical solution acceptable?

A complete commercial solution is available from Lynxmotion. This link goes to a page of their various robotic arm kits.

(I am a satisfied Lynxmotion customer and in no other manner associated with them. I am sure there are other sources out there.)

Lynxmotion also has a support forum with a topic devoted to robotic arms. This link will take you there . When designing my robot/animatronic, I found reading their forum useful as it gave me many ideas and prevented me from making mistakes that others before me had faced. Even if you cannot use a commercial solution, I encourage you to read this and other robotic forums as well. Here is another resource link