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    Jul 16, 2009
    I need help designing a circuit for my college senior project. I have built robotic legs that pedal a bicycle. The legs are powered by pneumatic actuators, with a solenoid that fires each leg. The circuit I need help designing is to control the solenoids.
    I need one solenoid to get 5volts and remain @ 5v until the next one needs to fire. Turning off and sending 5v to the other solenoid.

    I have decided to mount two magnetic reed switches under the cranks on the bicycle and a magnet on each crank arm. When one crank arm passes its switch it will send 5v to its solenoid, when the opposite crank arm passes its switch, it powers its solenoid and so on.

    I have an idea on how to do it, using a flip flop chip but the output voltage is only 3.4V so i would need to add an amplifier. And I'm not sure on which flip-flop to use, and if that is even a good/right way to do it. Its beginning to go over my head.