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    Apr 24, 2012
    Hello, my name is Ronnie and I need help with a project im doing for DC class,

    Heres a picture of the schematic:

    I need help with the varibles which are:
    Q=After sw-1 is closed for 1 minute what is R1 and R1?
    A= R1:____Ohms
    Q=When the capictor is switched on, what is the time constant?

    Q= After sw-2 has been closed for 8 seconds, what will be the voltage, ec, across the capacitor?

    Q=what is the voltage E3 across the three ohm resistor?
    A= E3_______Volts

    Q= What is the approximate final total Power for the entire circut?
    A= PT_________watts

    Q=What is the total circuit resistance?
    A= Rt__________ohms
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    Dec 28, 2011
    You will get more help on this if you show us what work you have done on the questions. The members of the forums do not typically give answers. Two formulas that will help in this are watts law and ohms law:

    P=IV & V=IR

    P is Watts
    I is current in Amps
    V is Voltage
    R is resistance in Ohms