RNC Thread, will update as it comes.

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    Feb 20, 2009
    So the RNC's in my town this year. Yeah!!! ;) I'm really excited, but I missed John Stewart tickets, they sold out in 5 minutes it was said. So far the feds gave us a whole new communication system and camera monitoring system for downtown. Its costing millions and millions but we get to keep it when they leave. They say we'll have the best cell coverage in the world when they leave. Who knows though. Apart from all the electronics their adding as far as protesters and people going. Water guns will not be tolerated, only real guns. ???? Who thought up that law? My jaw hit the floor when they said I couldn't have a super soaker but an AK47 would be just fine. We've also spent a ton of money around the city in the nice and poor parts. In the poor side of town (North and West Tampa) they are building walls on the interstate to block out the hood when you drive by it. In the rich sections no walls? They say its too prevent road noise from the residence but that makes no sense since the rich neighborhoods would get it then. But the rich people are not left out in the rain. We got almost 75% of our roads in S tampa repaved, new palm trees in all the medians, and free landscaping everywhere. They changed Kennedy Blvd to John F Kennedy BLVD, but they couldn't afford to do it to all of the signs so its just on the ones that have interstate exits on it. Thats where were at with another couple months to go. I'll post and inform anyone if anything else develops.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    This is not a politics thread. Just a thread about whats its like to have a RNC in your town. I don't care if your a supporter or protester like me. We won't talk politics but just technology at the RNC, layout, electronics, roads, stuff like that. At most if I see someone famous I'll take a pic or say something.
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    You just had thread about the guy famous for giving motel direction.

    They have repalyed that story twice in the last two weeks.

    The women will feel edgy about boating and the water on the Gulf Coast.

    You couldn't write a movie about night boating like that story.

    They will let you have guns, but no pencils. See how a city get tagged

    for bad stories and this one seems to never go away.Palm Beach county

    had one years ago,the victim a county judge. So dig that one up so you won't

    look so bad. Like you say Florida is Florida more of every thing,and the water.

    I was told if I went under they would never find me alive,even with divers there.

    By the way,Fort, Lauderdale has a Loosewire,with all Its glory.