RLC resonant circuits??

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    After proforming a test at college, I am left to write a report about it. I am now stuck and need help explaining when when you double R-L-C in turn in the circuit you have a larger or smaller bandwidth.

    RESULTS Resonant frequency Hz Amplitude at resonance
    dB Bandwidth Hz
    f2 - f1
    R = 80 ohms
    L = 40 mH
    C = 400 nF 1.254K -38.191 321
    Resistance doubled
    R = 160 ohms
    L = 40 mH
    C = 400 nF 1.254K -44.142 645.761
    Inductance doubled
    R = 80 ohms
    L= 80mH
    C = 400nF 887.692 -38.212 161.742
    Capacitance doubled
    R = 80 ohms
    L = 40 mH
    C = 800nF 887.692 -38.18 324.985

    These are the results I gained from the tests, I need to odserve and explain why these results have occrued.
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