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  1. bsch2734

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    Jul 24, 2014
    Hello everyone,
    Since this is my first time here, a little background on me is in order:
    I'm a college freshman in the USA, studying mechanical engineering and German. In terms of physics and electricity, my only formal training is 2 years of physics classes. I most recently took AP Physics and scored a 5 on both the Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism tests.
    My current project is a ring launcher (Elihu Thomson Apparatus). I spent the last week winding 4,893 coils of 30 AWG magnet wire around a steel pipe which I filled with some small diameter metal rods (I'm not sure of the material, but it seems to be fairly ferromagnetic). On the steel pipe right next to the coil is a 1 inch copper pipe (the two are insulated from each other) free to move. When I hook the coil up to the wall, I get a nice changing magnetic field (according to the Hal probes in my phone) but nothing else.
    I'm not following any particular tutorial, but I've seen similar setups around the web that work and launch the ring. Any ideas on where to go?
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