Ring and Run is driving me NUTS. Please help if you can.

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Hello, all.

What would be the correct (safest, from an electrical standpoint) parts to use to turn off an intercom speaker? The speaker has the following ratings:

Size: 2.5 inches
Watts: .3 watts
Amps: 0.0816
Volts: 3.674
Resistance: 45 ohms

Purpose: I live in a rental building plagued by visitors who have horrific social skills. It seems that every visitor here thinks along these lines: "We need to see someone in apartment 13 but they're taking to long to answer the door. I know! We'll just ring apartment 2, 3, and 7. Surely someone there will answer us!" My intercom doesn't have a volume control and I have gotten to the point where if I don't install one myself, I may need to begin calling the police.

It is essential that any part I install in the intercom be safe from an electrical perspective. This is a rental, and the potentiometer I use must never cause a fire risk. I will install the pot at point in the present intercom circuit where the wires meet the speakers. Thank you in advance for your replies!


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Do you ever get any visitors of your own? could you just disconnect it? I would.
My thinking is, "it's 2012. Everybody has a cell phone, and people who would be visiting me probably have my number. they can call me and I'll let them in."


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To turn it off, you would use a switch. To reduce the loudness, you would use a 500 ohm audio taper potentiometer.


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If you don't want to disconnect it as just suggested, I'd consider a small switch in series with the speaker, allowing you to open the circuit and prevent any sound. Just about any switch you can find will be fine and safe - this is a low current application. I suppose you should make sure the current rating is at least 100mA (0.1A). That should be plenty, and will not limit your options much.

A panel mount switch could be mounted in the faceplate after drilling a 3/8" hole in it.


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Turn it right down so you can just hear the buzzer (but it's not annoying), then teach your own visitors to buzz a certain "code". Anyone who buzzes without knowing your code you can just ignore.