Rigid LED-strip solution

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    Dec 12, 2012
    Hi folks,

    I like to apply the idea that the manufacturers use on the rigid LED-strip but on a different thing.

    I like to make a 13-15w high lumen lamp that can be connected together like christmas light strings. The end user could use one 15W PCB (bunker light) or simply connect one more to the first one, or connect a third to the second.

    If i like to make this PCB around 100 mm in diameter, it should have 15w, led connectors for connecting from the driver and to connect to another lamp if user like, how can i do this?

    I am not even a beginner so if you know the answer please be patient.

    I like to make this, just to show my dad that it can work like this. The Voltage can be any voltage, i have plenty of different drivers.

    So, to my 150W driver, i like to be able to connect one 15w LED PCB and many without changing the driver, they should be connected like in a string.
  2. antonv


    Nov 27, 2012
    At 15W your biggest problem is how to keep the LEDs cool. Easiest way would be to buy an LED assembly that you can bolt to a heatsink like the GLV92C95951/CN-LG18D40T from Future Electronics. It can run at about 15W and it is 95 mm in diameter. Then find a large enough heat sink to bolt it to.

    LEDs need a constant current, not a constant voltage. Your driver will have to provide a constant output current of 350 - 700 mA.
    In the case of this light engine all the LEDs are in series so you will need a driver that can produce something over 50V, and then, if you want to connect them together in a string you will need multiples of this voltage.

    You may be able to find a light engine with parallel LEDs which will mean less voltage and more current.

    Price is an issue: high power LED light engines like this one sell for US$80 or so.