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Bob Woody

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Hello everyone,

I need help regarding a couple of 12v RGB spotlights I bought from China. The lights are IP67 and have just 3 LEDs in them (red green blue) - giving me a plain white light

They have a two core cable supplying 12 volts to them.

Sometimes when I turn the lights on they power up without a problem - but most of the time they don't come on at all.

The voltage from my power supply is 12.13V & it's the same at the lights.

I've exhausted my very limited knowledge & am hoping that someone out there can throw some light on my problem (sorry about that!)


Bob Woody


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Can you post a link of the (type of) lights you purchased? RGB with only two wires probably means they have an external IR controller?

Some of the IR controlled RGB lights boot with a random color and/or random pattern, sometimes dark!

:) joe