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Hope I can keep this brief, to the point, & in the right forum

My son bought a '10 Mazda 6. From square one, there has been a glitch in the tire pressure sensor system, which keeps turning on the idiot light intermittantly. He picked up a screw in a tire, and with the flat, the system worked perfectly.

The sensors, live in the valve stem, and are rfid transponders, triggering based on tire pressure. Obviously some sort of pietzoelectric crystal configured as a pressure sensor. Finally after changing two valve stems/sensors to no avail, they consulted Mazda Engineering..............

Son has dribbled this car in / out of the dealer garage around 6 times now, each time the idiot light would go out before he got to the dealer, and they needed it to be on to read the computer properly.

Lo and behold, he finally got the light to stay on, and the dealer snagged a couple codes.

Engineering, armed with all symptoms, blamed the glitch on my sons aftermarket Pioneer GPS / Stereo / Back-up camera system, and want the factory sound system re-installed before they will go forward with troubleshooting. which to my limited knowledge of things that transmit and receive on differing bandwidths, sounds like a crock of manure.
Son and I often use a set of handy-talkies between vehicles, which has no effect on the problem.

Kick it around --- more detail forthcoming from the dealer as to what codes it threw, and any questions that may help in your diagnosis, gimme a yell.........:D
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