RFID reader and tags circuit.

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    Mar 14, 2011
    I'm doing on a project about RFID reader and tags. I've already succeeded on the basic circuit. The reader can already read the passive tags etc. The problem now is that, I need to add a new feature to eat and I was thinking to make something like, when someone enter the room, the lights and air-con will be switch on automatically. There are choices of method in order to do that i.e. alter the programming of the PIC microcontroller and add the part when someone flash the card at the reader,it will not only allow the person to pass in but also switch on the lights. The problem is, I'm not good in programming and I don't want to disturb the programming that was already working at the first place.
    Other choice is that adding a relay or some kind of sensor to the circuit to sense the motion of person's infrared. Can you guys give the idea how? This is what the circuit diagram looks like:

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    You can get a basic IR sensor from Radio Shack, it is designed for PICs. They are very inexpensive and common.

    Nice project.