RFID based traffic light controller

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I like to implement this project by using PIC microcontroller

The traffic controller is incorporates a RFID based vehicle identification system to override the traffic signals to allow emergency vehicles such as ambulances or VIP convoys to pass the junction unhindered.

The emergency override of the traffic signals is based on the RFID identification of the approaching vehicles.The emergency vehicles will have to be fitted with the RFID devices and proper identification codes will be allotted.Each approaching roads to the junction will have RFID receivers to identify the approaching emergency vehicles.This information is used by the controller to stop all vehicles through the junction to clear the roads for the emergency vehicle.The RFID receivers will be located sufficiently away from the junction so that adequate time is available for cleaning the junction.

At the junction another RFID receiver will be used to confirm the passing of the emergency vehicle through the junction.Then the traffic signal will be restored back to the original condition prior to the stopping of all vehicles