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Dear All About Circuits members,

Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for some information about a project I am working on. I know nothing about electronics, and will be looking for someone to do the work for me. So if anyone here knows how to do this, I have a job for you if you want it! Even if you don't know how to do this, maybe you have a friend who does? I appreciate any leads you all can provide, I just want to get as much information as I can until I find someone who will take on the job. Thanks!

I want to be able to use rfid tags with a small portable style reader. The types of tags I want to use would be the type in the little keychain fobs like the exxon/mobil speedpass and the type that appear to me to be flat like little stickers. Here is a link...

When I say a portable reader, I mean not connected to a computer, battery operated and not to large, maybe like a cell phone or digital camera size. Here is a link to a project that shows a compact portable reader that could almost work for what I want to do. The only difference would be that I don't need any of the bluetooth stuff, and mine will be housed inside of a toy.

I want the tags to be inside of 3 different toys. When one of the tagged toys come near the reader antenna in the other toy, I want the reader to be able to signal a 3v light bulb to flash 1, 2, or 3 times depending on which tagged toy it comes into contact with. The distance I am hoping the reader to work from is at least 2 inches, more would be better. I have found numerous projects which show how to build the reader, but the processor which would control the light is beyond my ability. I hope for the reader, processor and light to power off of a 9V battery.

BTW, here is the reader the project above uses.

That is everything I can think of. I truly hope that someone here has a little experience with this stuff, and would be able to help me out! Any advice or referrals on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,