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    That link points to the website's front page. How about the name of the manufacturer and the manufacturer's part number
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    1LOT=20pcs=10set 433M RF wireless receiver module

    Receiver module parameters

    Product Model MX-05V

    Operating voltage: DC5V quiescent current: 4MA

    Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ

    Receiver sensitivity:-105DB

    Size: 30 * 14 * 7mm external antenna: 32CM single core wire, wound into a spiral

    Technical parameters of the transmitter head

    Product Model: MX-FS-03V

    Launch distance :20-200 meters (different voltage different effect) working voltage :3.5-12V Dimensions: 19 * 19mm

    Ways of working: AM transfer rate: 4KB / S transmit power: 10mW

    Transmitting frequency: 433M

    An external antenna: 25cm ordinary multi-core or single-core line

    Pinout from left → right: (DATA; VCC; GND)

    Application environment

    Remote control switch, receiver module, motorcycles, automobile anti-theft products, home security products, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote audio remote control electric doors, garage door remote control, remote control retractable doors, remote volume gate, pan doors, remote control door opener, door closing device control system, remote control curtains, alarm host, alarm, remote control motorcycle remote control electric cars, remote control MP3.

    Optional accessories

    Supporting the use of remote control products and company.


    VCC voltage module operating voltage and good power filtering; Great influence on the antenna module reception, preferably connected to the 1/4 wavelength of the antenna, typically 50 ohm single conductor, the length of the antenna 433M of about 17cm; Antenna position has also affected the reception of the module, the installation, the antenna as possible straight away from the shield, high pressure, and interference source; frequency used to receive, decode and oscillation resistor should match with the transmitter.