Rf transceiver circuit to run a buzzer

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Hi guys and gals
    I am in urgent need of you help:D. My aim is to run a buzzer:eek: whenever a switch is pressed is pressed in the transmitter circuit. I am using Rx/Tx 434 as rf transceive:confused:. Now I am using Ht 12d/Ht 12e to serve as rfid tags. The problem is I am not getting any output in my leds(test sample). I am attaching the circuit diagrams below. I am using 820kohms instead of 750kohms in ht12e. For the antennas I am using about 5cm of uninsulated copper wire(with a round solder bead at the top) as the two of them are in the same breadboard. The battery is 9v converted to 5v using lm7805. Please let me know any/all mistakes at the earliest. There is one small difference in the transceiver chips. The rx and tx 434 I am using has the pins labelled in say a different fashion compared to the circuit.

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    Wireless door buzzers are available at your local hardware store.
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    Yes , one can see that on the breadboard picture, please post a datasheet of the RF-modules you are using. How can they have different pinouts?

    Decoder frequency should be around 50x encoder frequency, if you use 33k in the decoder circuit you'll have about 60x, I don't know if that matters, I don't think so.

    Do all adress lines have the same voltage level (0 in the diagram)?
    If you have an oscilloscope, measure the data out of the encoder when pressing the /TE button (is it pulling /TE to LOW?).
    If there is data then measure the data out of the receiver circuit.

    Post your findings (as detailed as possible)