RF technician testing Procedures questions

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    RF testing procedures such as power, gain, noise, RF power combining, RF switching and intermodulation

    1.) What other RF testing procedures do u guys know or would do?

    2.) How would u guys test for power,gain,noise?

    3.) Using a RF power meter, what would be a bad power value VS a Good power value? how would i know which is bad VS good when measuring?

    4.) What is a sign of Bad gain in a RF circuit VS good gain in a RF circuit? how would i know?

    RF components, power dividers, couplers, amplifiers, op-amps, and multiplexers

    1.) What other RF components is there?

    2.) What are some signs when a power divider or couplers is faulty?
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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Radio Frequency (RF) amplifiers, coupling devices, modulators, transmitters, demodulators, receivers

    1.) How do u know when the coupling device went faulty or bad?

    2.) My oscilloscope has to have a "RF trigger mode" to measure RF signals?

    3.) How to measure the R.F. shielding?

    4.) Whats the difference between a receivers VS a tranceivers when troubleshooting and signal tracing?
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