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    Apr 7, 2009
    If anyone cares to respond, please dumb it down.

    I know next to nothing about circuit boards, but have reached my wits end in finding a product which will meet my needs that is on the market.

    I suspect that this SHOULD be a very easy thing for someone who knows what they are doing... Easy enough that I am hoping I could execute it myself.

    I have an assistive technology device for the disabled. For input, it takes 2 1\8" phono plugs. These phono plugs are connected to simple, momentary on\off switches, which are off unless the button is pushed.

    The device plugs into the USB port of a computer. When one switch is closed, it's a Morse Code dot. When the other switch is closed, it's a Morse Code dash. The device converts the Morse Code to keyboard and mouse commands.

    All that I need to do is to make the device wireless. To do that I need an RF relay for the switches. (It needs to be RF, because I cannot guarantee line of sight required for IR).

    So, the switches will be plugged into the transmitter. And the reciever will be plugged into the device.

    Nothing fancy will be transmitted... simply the state of the switch... Open or closed.

    The communication needs to be persistent. If the user holds the switch, the device will continuously send repeated dots or dashes until the switch is released. So, we are not just sending the event that the switch was opened or closed. But, constantly sending the state of the switch.

    Alternatively if anyone knows of any off the shelf products, that would work too.