Rf Signal, Please Help

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Hi:) I'm a High School student and I have this project which I proposed to my teacher. I want to create a power point presentation wand;A wand that has laser pointer and a keyboard function of F5=slide, ESC=end, FORWARD ARROW=next, BACK ARROW=back. I know that there's similar gadget out on the market, but I really want to know the principles behind this because there's lot of thing I could create if just had the knowledge about this,.. every reply is much appreciated,.. thanks
1.) How to Create the cirtuit for it.
2.) What program can I use to create the interface.
3.) What things I need to create it.
4.) Flow chart.

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Logitech makes a wireless mouse. The mouse communicates with a USB dongle. They sell for $30-$40. At these prices very few engineers would spend much time thinking about or designing circuits to duplicate these functions.

The RF engineering by itself is challenging enough and usually requires some equipment that costs as much as a small house. To do a USB development requires spending money to join organizations to purchase specifications and write a stack of reasonably complicated firmware. The last obstacle would be writing a set of drivers to talk to the USB dongle.

Why go through all that agony to save a few dollars. I'm not saying you can't attempt this project and ultimately succeed. It is just that you won't be able to do it in the short term.