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    Feb 6, 2014
    I Have gotten a Class E Magnetic Induction Heater Circuit working. Now I want to convert the circuit to an RF signal. The purpose is to ionize a gas. Have never worked with RF before, so I could use some help.

    Here is the working Class E Magnetic Induction Heater Circuit:


    Here is my first guess at converting the circuit to RF Out. I figure the AC coming out of the autotransformer could be used. AC is RF, aint it? I don't know what tool I can use to measure RF signal to verify it is working.


    This is my second guess at converting to RF out. Instead of an Induction Coil, I could use a Bifilar Wound Toroid to create a Voltage Balun.


    I know there are some Radio guys out there. Your advice is needed.
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    Feb 6, 2014
    I don't know how to measure RF output. I took a guess, that if RF is coming out of a wire antenna, there should be a measurable current. I tried the previous circuit idea's and used a Clamp Ampmeter to register current. No current showed up on either of my previous antenna circuits.

    I don't know is an Ampmeter is suitable to prove RF output. I tried several configurations, moving the antenna lead to various places. The Induction coil is definate RF out because it is doing magnetic heating. There seems to be a requirement for Antenna and Ground to be connected in some way to complete a circuit. Some antenna configurations I see on the internet, are "Loop Antenna's" and the Induction Coil qualifies as a loop antenna. I would like to get RF out on a single wire lead.

    In the following circuit, I got a 150mA reading on the clamp meter using a single wire out. This is the only place in the Induction Circuit, that I could tap, that gave me a power reading.


    There is a local radio club that meets later in the month. I will see if they have any electronics engineers that build radio's. I desperately need some RF help.

    I know what I want to do. In the following picture, I got "Air to Burn", using resonance. Seriously, the Air is burning. Who needs gasoline.


    With persistence, I know this can be replicated using Class E RF Power Amp at 13.56 MHZ, and at some power level. I will keep trying until I get it.