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Hello all,

I'm a 4th yr Design student and I'm including and RF circuit in my project and I seriously need some help due to my lack of experience in the electronics field! The project requires a circuit with 2 vibration/motion sensors, a PIC10F206 Microcontroller and a 433 MHz Transmitter. It obviously requires a small power source (preferably batteries) and i expect some other components i dont know about! I seriously need help with the design of the circuit!

The circuit is required to activate a wireless burglar alarm, when the vibration sensors are disturbed the circuit will activate and send a signal to the alarm reciever or my own reciever wired into a sensor input. From my limited understanding if I were to send data to the alarms original reciever the data would require an address?! which the alarm companies seem to be reluctant to help me with so I though of wiring in my own reciever!?! would thuis be a good idea? As I say this is alien to me so any help would be gratefully recieved.

I'm also going to need assistance on programming to so any pointers or self help tutorials you can guide me to would be great!




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I stronlgy suggest using an off-the-shelf wireless "monitor module" instead of trying to build something yourself. Hook your sensor up to the monitor module. This will be far easier than attempting a fusion of three intermediate-to-advanced electronics projects.

What is the make and model of the burglar alarm panel?


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You can try accelerometers as shock/vibration sensors. Analog devices and Motorola make some good inexpensive accelerometers.

You have chosen the smallest PIC. What are your size & weight constraints?

What's the time frame of your project? We can suggest something very cool that you will be able to brag about. We can suggest somethin simple that will just work and keep the gods happy.

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Cheers for the replies guy's. I would love to use an off-the-shelf system but this really isnt possible as I must design all of the product myself to pass my degree! I know it probably seems stupid to have chosen a circuit I know nothing about but I thought I'd be capable and I've found out i'm not!

I chose the smallest PIC on the advise of my lecturer but this was the only help he gave me! (not sure if he knew himself!)

There are no weight constraints, the PIC and RF transmitter must be on a PCB no bigger than 60mm x 40mm and the vibration sensors are going to be elsewhere on the product.

The make of burglar alarm I will be connecting to will be an ADT Freedom 2200, 2300 and 2300F Wireless systems.

With regards to the circuit itself, I would love to have the optimum solution yet I know University would only expect me to come up with a simpleton version so i'm not really sure. If I were to use a clever solution I must justify it and show development so it may not be such a good idea?!?!

Thanks again



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Going to microchip.com will give you resource on programming and chips available. You can download there Maps program to find just the right controller for your needs. I think I saw vibration sensors that you would use on a window at harbor freight the other day,don't know that they would interface, but with a little reverse engineering most things can be used somehow.