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RF Design Basics

By John Fielding, ZS5JF

RF Design Basics is the latest book by acclaimed author John Fielding, ZS5JF. This book is a practical guide to Radio Frequency (RF) design rather than the more usual text book written for post-graduate electronics engineers. Aimed at those who wish to design and build their own RF equipment, this book provides a gentle introduction to the art and science of RF design. The fourteen chapters of RF Design Basics cover subjects such as tuned circuits, receiver design, oscillators, frequency multipliers, design of RF filters, impedance matching, the pi tank network, making RF measurements, and both solid-state and valve RF power amplifiers. One chapter explains the meaning of S parameters, while another is devoted to understanding the dual gate Mosfet. Much attention is given to the necessity of cooling valve PAs and there is even a practical
design for water cooling a large linear amplifier, a subject overlooked by most other publications.

RF Design Basics neatly fills the gap between a beginner's 'introduction to radio' and RF design text books. Written for the average radio amateur, this book is an accessible and useful reference work for everyone interested in RF design.

© RSGB 2006, ISBN 9781-9050- 8625-2 size 210x297mm 192 pages